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Старый 11.03.2012, 12:59 #1
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rubik rubik вне форума
Аватар для rubik
Регистрация: 31.07.2009
Адрес: Медногорск
Сообщений: 75
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По умолчанию

Выручайте пожалуйста, имеем датчик смеси Inovate, но нет схемы подключения!
Сам блочок: Сам прибор:
белый ----------------------- белый
чёрный ---------------------- чёрный
коричневый ----------------- коричневый
синий ----------------------- синий
красный --------------------- наверное +?
жёлтый ---------------------- наверное ACC?
наверное к габаритам? ----------- зелёный
Или не так! Просто согласно логике, я именно так бы и сделал!

Помогите, кто может, может кто ставил?
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Старый 12.09.2013, 13:49 #2
Аватар для Александра Малышева
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Александра Малышева Александра Малышева вне форума
Аватар для Александра Малышева
Регистрация: 02.12.2009
Сообщений: 71
По умолчанию

ткните хоть в какой серии то?

LC-1 Digital Air/Fuel Ratio (Lambda)
Sensor Controller Manual
2 Mounting and Wiring the LC-1
1. Find a suitable location under your vehicle where the LC-1 body can be mounted. Using
zip ties or other suitable method, fasten the body of the LC-1 device securely to the framerails
or other mounting points as far away from the heat of the exhaust system as the sensor
cable allows. DO NOT zip-tie the LC-1 by the cables.
2. Route the cables from the LC-1 (except sensor cable) into the car interior under the dash.
3. LC-1 Cable conections:
A. Interface and power cables with 6 stripped ends*:
a. Red 12V supply
b. Blue Heater Ground
c. White System Ground
d. Yellow Analog out 1
e. Brown Analog out 2
f. Black Calibration wire
B. Serial In conection, 2.5mm stereo (female) marked as IN
C. Serial Out conection, 2.5 mm stereo (female) marked as OUT.
* 3.1 If you have an LC-1 with only 7 stripped ends the wiring is as follows:
a. Red 12V supply
b. Blue Heater Ground
c. White System Ground
d. Yellow Analog out 1
e. Brown Analog out 2
f. Green Analog Ground
g. Black Calibration wire
4. Conect the RED wire to a switched 12V source in your car. A switched 12V source
goes on as soon as the ignition on the car is on. Make sure the conection is fused with a
minimum fuse size of 5A.
5. The BLUE and WHITE wires should all be grounded to the same ground source.
Optimally, these (and any other MTS device ground) will be soldered to the same lug, and
conected to a single point. When this isn’t possible, conect each one to a separate lug,
and attach in close proximity. Multiple lugs on the same bolt is not optimal, and can result in
unwanted signal “noise.” When possible, soldering is always better than crimping. Please
see chapter 2.3 for more information on Electrical Grounding Concerns.
6. Optionally, the YELLOW (Analog out 1) and/or BROWN (Analog out 2) can be conected
to the analog inputs of other devices such as data loggers, ECUs, or gauges. If either one or
both of these wires are not being used isolate and tape the wire(s) out of the way. The default
analog outputs are as follows: Analog output one is 1.1V = 14 AFR and .1V = 15 AFR. This is
a simulated narrowband signal. Analog output two is setup as 0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V = 22.39
AFR. Note: The LC-1’s heater ground and system ground wires should share the same
grounding location of the analog input’s ground. Refer to chapter 2.2 for recommended
wiring schematics.
7. Optionally conect a momentary push-button switch between ground and the BLACK
calibration wire. Please refer to section 2.1.
ote: The use of the calibration wire is not necessary if the LC-1 is conected to Inovate
Motorsports’ XD-16 digital gauge. If the wire is not are not being used, isolate and tape the
wire out of the way.

Вот только убейте - не могу понять, а чем Вы собираетесь с него параметры снимать?

P.S. Тока предварительно сходите по ссылке и посмотрите 23 страницу - тот артикул или нет....

За сгоревший датчик по причине неправильного подключения деньги не возвращаются )))
Александра Малышева вне форума   Ответить с цитированием

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